Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Strange Pairings: John Waters and Court TV, Paul McCartney and Starbucks

I have a love/hate relationship with our mass-marketed, tie-in obsessed, hyper-commercialized media culture.

On the love side--John Water's 'Til Death Do Us Part. Remember when he was so underground, it was almost taboo to openly admit you found him amusing or liked his movies? Now he is the shining star of Court TV. This is the weird part, Big D and I have been OBSESSED with Forensic Files for about a year--and then John Waters comes along with this totally campy murder drama show where he plays the "groom reaper" a kinda Vincent Pricesque character that appears throughout each episode--and I'm thinking, I must be getting old because no corporation used to market to me, the tail end of the gen-x nobody nothing group. And now here I am watching several good murder shows (and not that crappy law and order shit my parents and every other baby boomer consume like lines of coke spread out on the TV screen). So even though I no longer have Six Feet Under, I now have Dexter, Showtime's mind-fuck serial killer show, and Forensic Files (love this shit, love it) and 'Til Death do us Part, to fulfill my death fascination TV, no make that TIVO experience.

On the hate side--Anything Paul McCartney. He is such a has been--even before the turkey neck idiot married the pegleg. I wish he would just go away. I'm perfectly fine with Starbucks though I think Pete's is better as far as a chain is concerned. But I always tend to set celebrities up against each other and I'm on the John Lennon side. And, aside from that, I think of Bob Dylan was the true music innovator in the pop/rock genre of the previous century. However, I did love The Beatles Love Songs album (cassette to be exact). So, if this merger doesn't help me download Beatles on i-tunes then I frankly don't give two shits about it.

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