Monday, March 12, 2007

Ridiculous News Title of the Day

Brain injuries a 'silent epidemic'

An epidemic? Really? I guess since bird flu and west nile didn't really pan out as epidemics, the news media is going for a more homespun epidemic--driving in cars! Or, advancements in medicine that keep people alive after horrifyingly bad accidents! Yes, medical advancement, you are now an epidemic. I am so scared, I called in to work today cause nobody's getting me in the car during the dangerous Los Angeles morning rush hour, no way.

Also, since the war is topical, the article refers to it--"Millions of cases of traumatic brain injury happening far from war zone" -- Then the article makes mention of all the brain injuries soldiers coming back from the war have (nevermind that these injuries will stop when the government stops this war) but acknowledges, "most cases of traumatic brain injury...happen far from the war zone. More than 40 percent of TBIs are the result of traffic accidents — the most common cause of this type of injury."

I see where this is going and it ain't pretty...the law requiring all drivers and passengers to wear helmets. Imagine it, cruising down the PCH with the top down and your helmet securely fastened.

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