Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bleach is Your Friend

I am writing this post in response to this entry that I come upon in blog-world :
and all other white-bred, upper-middle class (though that isn't very impressive if you live in Vegas, the armpit of the world, where you can work at the local Von's and be upper-middle class--we're talking cheap cookie cutter housing people) bored housewife bloggers who are looking for ways to complicate their lives in a desperate attempt to fill the void (not that there is anything wrong with that).

And back to me...

It is quite possible that my mother, the original clean freak, actually said the title of this post, "Bleach is your friend" to me as an innocent. Not much of my mother's habits resonate with me today, but this one stuck. Bleach is your friend. Why? Because it kills things, gross things like viruses and bacteria. It also gets whites white better than anything else.

I like chemical cleaning products. They kill things too. Lysol is one of my favorite brands for cleaning products. Here are a few things that Lysol kills:

Some of the germs LYSOL® Disinfectant Spray eliminates on hard non-porous surfaces include:


  • Staph and Strep

  • Salmonella

  • Escherichia coli

  • CampylobacterFungi

  • Athlete’s Foot Fungus

Mold and Mildew Viruses-

  • Rhinovirus -The leading cause of the common cold

  • Rotavirus - The leading cause of infectious diarrhea in children

  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) – The leading cause of lower respiratory infection in children

  • Poliovirus Type 1

  • Adenovirus Type 2

  • Herpes Simplex Virus Types 1 and 2

  • Hepatitis A

For more about the joys of Lysol, visit:

In the afore mentioned blog the chic also talks about pesticide free gardening. There are a few things wrong with this:

  1. She lives in the desert--She shouldn't be wasting water gardening.

  2. She lives in desert--why is she wasting water on a water fountain?

  3. She lives in the desert (in an over-sized tract-house) in which I am sure that she runs the air conditioner which causes the ozone to be destroyed--life in Vegas without an ozone or water--well, that's a nice future that she is creating for daughter.

  4. She lives in the desert????

Now back to me...

Being the true naturalist that I am, I use only California Native Plants so that I don't waste water. Ok, that is so totally not true but I love how high and mighty it sounds. Actually, my home in Los Angeles has no landscaping because we be way too po', so stuff just kind of grows on its own. My favorite method for routine gardening is to spray anything that obviously looks like a weed (and I can't pass off as a desert flower) with weed killer. I prefer Round-Up.

As a footnote, I grew up in Vegas. Some of the best people I know live in Vegas. I am kind of possessive of Vegas--cause I was there first dammit! So my apologies for any offense.


LVGurl said...

You’re entitled to your opinion, and that’s cool.

The next time you decide to use someone’s blog entry for fodder, and make sweeping assumptions about what that person and their spouse does for a living, how and where they live, and their degree of boredom with life... Please keep this in mind:

SiteMeter erases your blog's anonymity.

Amie said...

Thanks LVgurl, I'll keep that in mind. Though I'm not that concerned about my blog's anonymity.

Just imagine spending $600,000 for a fixer in a transitional neighborhood and simply feeling lucky that you have a roof over your head much less own property in one of the most expensive areas of the country...that's all I was trying to get across.

And I like your pic, it reminds me of Vegas, the closest thing to a hometown I ever had.