Sunday, March 16, 2008

14 Weeks

So, yeah, it's been awhile since posting anything. I'm 14 weeks---YAY! The first trimester was really difficult. I had a horrible scary flu at 7 weeks and was out of work for a week then felt like a zombie for another. The flu just merged into morning (all day) sickness and incredible exhaustion. Then I started having spotting episodes. I found out at 10 weeks that the spotting can be attributed to the fact that the placenta implanted in the wrong place and is covering my cervix. This is not considered a high risk situation this early in pregnancy but it is enough of a concern that I have to go to the doc twice a month rather than the regular once a month visit. I am also supposed to rest as much as possible and considering the insane business of my job that is a laughable idea. By the time I get home, I am so tired that I crash out and then can't sleep well through the rest of the night. Not to mention that my bed has become so incredibly uncomfortable that it is something akin to a torture device. I need to get a mattress pad to give the mattress support but the decent ones are outrageously expensive and I can't afford anything right now because Big D is still unemployed. I also don't fit into ANY of my clothes anymore and again, can't afford to buy anything to fix this situation. If I stayed at home this wouldn't be a big deal but the two pairs of sweats that I can fit into and comfortably wear at home would not go over well at the office. UGH.

I am so looking forward to the second trimester and thrilled that I finally hit 14 weeks. I wish I could just run away from the rest of my life and just enjoy being pregnant for a while.