Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two Good Things-Shoes and Babies

I miss clothes. At this point my maternity clothes don't even fit. I miss shoes too. Shoes with heels.

I made this polyvore back in December. It seems like years ago. Part of me feels like pregnancy is my new body and I could just stay this way. What will it be like to not have a baby squirming around inside me? Will my intestines be lonely? It will be so strange to have an empty belly. I am so used to the heaviness now. I am so used to having her inside of me. Pregnancy is a long time. I can't wait to have her in my arms but it will be strange to no longer have her in my belly.

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Existential Waitress said...

I STILL miss the feeling of pregnancy even now. Breastfeeding too. I should have continued even after the kids were weaned just so I could have milk for our cereal and make my own butter and cheese -- tasty!(I'm kidding, of course). Clothes are fun though, even though I rarely shop anymore it seems. Check out Prana.