Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain is a Typical Republican Not a Maverick

McCain is a maverick? What does that mean? A dissenter? I just don't see it. The biggest issue of our time is the VietIraqNam War. Actually, the US had more reason to be in Vietnam than we do in Iraq. Yet McCain is gung-ho about this war. He goes along with Bush's oil war and is willing to put our young men and women in harm's way to line Cheney and his friend's pockets for the next 100 years. How exactly does this make him an independent thinker? A dissenter? A maverick? On the most important foreign policy issue of our time, he is a foot soldier for Bush. A servant to political status quo. Furthermore, on the domestic front, he thinks Bush's ideas on domestic oil are right on. We are at a moment in time when we can truly innovate our economy with the transition to other forms of energy. McCain thinks the Bush Administration's "just domestic drill and that'll solve it all" approach is right on the mark. Again, exactly who is going to benefit from this approach? Oh yeah, the Bush oil family and Cheney and his buddies. I don't see a maverick here at all. Finally, his pick for VP shows that he is trying desperately to get in bed with the Christian conservative right wing base just like Bush. How exactly does this make him a dissenter? A maverick? An independent thinker?

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