Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Fear Mongering from the Right

Sarah Palin's speech last night was nasty in tone, cynical, and downright ugly. So, it was a typical Republican speech. Having absolutely no platform or any real plan for transforming our economy it concentrated on, just as Giuliani's speech did, fear mongering, divisiveness, and blaming the media. Business as usual. Did the speech enlighten us about Palin? Not really. She's a hockey mom from Alaska where she was mayor of a town of about 9,000 and put that town into debt. Then she became Governor and her big moment in politics was selling a plane on e-bay. We then heard more about how John McCain was a prisoner of war some 30 years ago which apparently gives him the expertise to have his finger on the button to start a nuclear war. There was also a lot of talk about small town America versus big city America. McCain and Palin apparently hate big cities and only care about people who work in small towns. So, I guess if you are one of those people who lost your job in Chicago or Cleveland or Detroit, the kind of people that Obama has spent most of his career working for and helping, you would be screwed under a McCain/Palin presidency. But then again, these war mongers would probably start a nuclear war just so they wouldn't have to worry about things like jobs, retirement, or health care. If you want war, elect war mongers.


Existential Waitress said...

She makes me ill. I like how she's a proponent of teaching abstinence in schools -- how did that work out for her own teenaged daughter? I will seriously flip out if these people are elected in November. Just think, if something happened to McCain during his presidency -- the man IS in his 70's after all --SHE would be our president. Um, I don't THINK so.

Anonymous said...

We just have to hope that America isn't that dumb. I really hope it's an Obama landslide becuase if it's close, they just might try to steal another election.