Thursday, January 3, 2008

Revelations and Resolutions

There are a few self-realizations that have crystallized for me over the last year. Some of these come from the blogosphere, filled with wise souls and silly personality quizzes. Others I have figured out through talks with friends and one sage. Still others resonate with me like a mantra on my hour-half commute. My life has become one monstrous carbon footprint driving down Alvarado to Washington then scooting down Venice through Palms to the edge of Santa Monica then home on the 10 to the 110 to the 101 through Echo Park and over Baxter to Allesandro then back on the 2 to Verdugo. This life is punctuated by lack of daylight inside my accidental career cave and then off to sleep in my neglected bedroom. The floor of the hostel in Istanbul had more charm and warmth than my bedroom. How could I even think I could wrestle contentment out of this?

1) Kindness begins with one's self.
2) I spend most of my time preventing failure rather than succeeding.
3) I don't trust others.
4) I prefer sleeping to being awake on most days.
5) I need to not keep doing what I am doing even if it creates some financial difficulties.


CresceNet said...

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ellemabelle said...

what did he say Gostei? Maybe he is talking about Fidel Castro? Well to the revelations and resolutions, I hope they help... but I like you alot.