Sunday, January 6, 2008

Last Day of Freedom Blues

I made this salad on Friday. I usually make this salad by layering slices of mozzarella, leaves of basil, and rings of red onions then drizzling balsamic vinegar and olive oil and sprinkling with salt and pepper and a little oregano. However, I picked up these miniature mozzarella balls by mistake so I chopped everything instead. The photo is taken before I let it sit in the fridge a while and marinade which makes all the flavors soak into each other. This salad is delicious on a baguette or could be tossed with pasta too. I ate it on it's own.

I almost made the resolution to continue making lunch even though I am going back to work on Monday. But with the 6:30 AM departure from home and the brain dead state when I return back home at 6:00 PM I know this won't happen and why set myself up for failure? So instead I'll just have pleasant memories of my salad days.


ellemabelle said...

We should make this salad together one in LA me in Paris time it right than call each other and have transcontinental lunch. what says you?

Amie said...

I have to get fired first then I am so there!