Saturday, April 7, 2007

de·pres·sion [di-presh-uhn]

It's starting. It will reach it's full incubation stage at about 4:00 PM on Sunday and just continue throughout the evening and then it will fester until sometime in July.

It's easy for me to find things to like about about my job, all the "right" things, like a decent salary, benefits, and lots of time off, when I am at the beginning of a vacation. But as Sunday approaches and I have to go back, the depression about what I am doing with my life sets in.

And then my parents are stopping through today and tomorrow on their way to a cruise. This doesn't make it any better. They'll spend the time pointing out all the stuff that is wrong with my house and follow that conversation by telling me all the things they need to change with their house (a brand new home that they have decorated and redecorated about 5 zillion times--I'm estimating here--in their two years of living there). Thanks mom and dad and while your at it could you drive a nail in my head and maybe kick big D in the sac a few times?

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