Monday, April 16, 2007

Temples and Guns

I work at a school. I live near a school. I spent most of my life in school. My opinion of school is this...schools should be considered the temples of our society and the ground around them should be considered sacred. It seems, at least in Los Angeles, that living near a school is considered a detriment, the bad part of town. My boss's neighbor was recently robbed. When I said, "but you live in such a nice neighborhood" she responded, "Yeah but we are close to (name withheld) high school" to which I responded, "oh".

I am not sure exactly how this connects to the massacre at Virginia Tech only to say that my heart hurts for the families, for the school, for everyone who works or lives near this school.

My sister's husband is a Virginia Tech alumnus. She said he knew those buildings and he said "it was such a peaceful place."


Miles said...

It's a sad day for the country.

sappmama said...

This is SO the wrong post to show up and be all "Hi!" on, but I wanted to drop in and say "Hi!"

Neat that you have a blog so now I can keep up with you outside of what Dylan tells Alem.

The Paris trip was great and if you miss Michelle, I think she'll be coming your way this summer. :)

But you should go over to P and check her out. You'd have such a fun time.