Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cold Turkey

I went off the meds. Not really by choice but the scrip ran out and it was from my last OBGYN so I couldn't call and get it refilled with ease. So I'm off the junk. Actually, Zoloft was not junk. It was wonderful stuff. It took the edge off. It helped peel away the dark edges and let the light it. But I think it is time to see what life is like without it so even though I found out after going off of it that cold turkey isn't advisable, I am feeling good about giving it a whirl. I am now very familiar with the dark waves. I could spot them well beyond the horizon. Well before they take on height and depth. Well before they crash and I begin to choke on their relentless darkness. Well before I drown.

update: Holy shit, I'm dizzy.


Existential Waitress said...

You know all too well how much I can relate to this: the darkness, the drowning, and the meds - both on and off them. I hope the side-effects subside soon. I really think that within a couple of days you'll feel better. And know that I'm always here for you.

Amie said...

Thanks, K.