Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Brain Is Weird

Wow, I think some lame and random shit during the course of a day:

1. Is cloudy or clear apple juice better?

2. Why does the dog smell like she rolled in garbage?

3. How long have I had this toenail polish on?

4. Do Mormons ever skip a day on the Mormon underwear?

5. How many pairs of Mormon underwear do they have anyway?

6. If Bug is sleeping at 5:00 PM does that mean I am in for it tonight?

7. Should I dye my hair brown?

8. Should I wake Bug up now?

9. Why does the Chihuahua's breathe smell like something crawled into his intestine and died?

10. How many days has it been since I took a shower?


Theta Mom said...

How long is this nail poilsh on, especially on the toes? LOL

Existential Waitress said...

Mormon underwear...that IS something I wonder a lot about myself.

And I think you would look good with brown hair. Especially with the bangs too. I got some tips from my hair girl if you decide to do it yourself. She said something about doing a golden color first before the brown so you don't have an unfortunate incident due to pre-existing highlights. Color is her specialty, so I really trust her judgement.



1. cloudy
2. b/c she did
3. prob since summer
4. can't help on mormon questions
5. see number 4
6. totally
7. possibly
8. if you don't wanna wake up at 4 am tomorrow morning, the answer would be yes
9. b/c dogs lick their butts
10. not many

Amie said...

Speaking from the crib. The chihuahua really smells like something is rotting inside of him. It's even worse than butt breath.

And you like cloudy better? Hmm, I am not sure. I'm all for cloudy but I like martinelli's and that is clear.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

I've always been extremely fascinated with Mormon underwear myself. Now that I have a few Mormon friends some of the allure is gone for me though. Your blog is HILARIOUS!!! I'm going to stalk you now.