Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Decade!

These days I have 20 minutes (if I am lucky) of free time a day so I don't have the time to write the post I want to write about the last decade. Instead, here is what I will tell you about my blog.

I want to redesign it this year. If anyone knows anyone who can do this on the cheap for me, let me know. Because with 20 minutes of free time, I don't know if this will happen without help.

I want to express thanks to those women bloggers out there who keep me connected to reality.

I want to check my spelling more often. God, it has been embarrassingly bad this year.

I want to find a way to have more time to write.

Happy New Year!


Existential Waitress said...

Yeah, it's definitely a challenge trying to find the time to indulge this blogging habit.Happy New Year!

Eric said...
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Existential Waitress said...

I've been hearing about this company:

I'm sure if they are affordable or not, but it might be worth checking out. Someday I might actually get around to doing something like that too. Happy New Year's Day. Love ya!

Amie said...

Yeah we'll see if/when I get around to it. Or maybe I'll just throw in the towel and start working at McDonald's. Do you think they would mind if I took Nola with me? Nah, I'll just go live in the van (crv) down by the river.

Existential Waitress said...

LOL - we may be living next to you. That'd be so cool! We could cook beans in tin cans over a fire and have potluck dinners every night! Too fun.