Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick Post Cause There is a Cranky 14 Month Old Pulling at My Pants

Bug got the H1N1 Vaccine yesterday. Needs a booster in a month.

I can handle baby poop and spit up until the cows come home but cleaning up big dog throw up makes me vomit in my mouth.

I have covered my floor in puppy pads, put up a gate, and taken away food and limited evening water and STILL found a chihuahua pee on the floor this morning.

Bug has major sleep issues and her breathing sounds funky when she sleeps. Is it chronic cold, allergies, tonsils, more of her reflux? Anyone have a guess? Cause the doctors seem clueless. And I just want some damn sleep!


Existential Waitress said...

I hope things start looking up soon - sleeplessness really starts to get to you. If you have allergies right now, maybe Bug does too. At one point I read that babies of that age can't really get seasonal allergies, but that is ABSOLUTELY not true b/c Bear developed them at about 18 months and got his first ear infection from all the drainage that was going on while he slept. Did they check her ears? And I know that funky sound - it kinda freaks you out. One more thing - have you added any new foods to Bug's diet? It seems like Maggie used to make that sound when she was really little too, and of course she had/has food allergies.

Amie said...

I know. I really think she has seasonal allergies too. Of course, all medical people say kids this young don't have them. BS. I haven't introduced anything new and she tends to sneeze when we are outside, just like me. I also wonder if the vaccine didn't make her a little sick too. On top of that, those damn molars are taking their sweet time coming in little by little. I just need sleep bad.

Existential Waitress said...

Oh yeah - I think teething really causes some of that too. Again, docs say that's an old wives tale, but both my kids got all stuffy when teething. But as far as seasonal allergies go - is Bug old enough for Zyrtec yet? That is the only allergy medication that worked for Bear and Maggs - it was a real life-saver! And it's OTC now. Maybe your doc can tell you the appropriate dose if she can have it, although she may be too young still.

Megan said...

Oh no! This sounds terrible and I am so sorry you are dealing with this.

Do you have carpeting in her room? I only ask b/c my brother and his wife just took up the carpeting in my nephew's room - since she's about to have another baby and they are remodeling, etc. Anyway, so they took up the carpet (it's a 2nd story house - so not much chance of mold) and my nephew immediately stopped coughing. Before this, they had him at every specialist they could find - and she's a nurse practitioner, so that is a lot of specialists. And apparently it was the carpet.

Also, and I know this is getting long, it wasn't old carpet. It was put down right before they moved in, which was only 6 months before he was born.

And again, teething. UGH! We just cut another tooth yesterday after 3 sleepless nights of WTF is going on.

I am thinking about you! Sending good vibes that way.

Amie said...

I've thought of the carpet thing too. This is the first time living with carpet in a long time because I usually don't like carpet. But this is a rental so I have no choice to live with it. But then again, she had a cold in our house in Los Angeles too and that was hardwood. So I really don't know.