Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Thing I'm on Zoloft

I had been thinking lately of getting off my crazy drugs because I feel like my body has stabilized and therefore my hormones aren't making my brain a sea of anxiety. Even with the state of the economy, the fact that our environment is seriously fucked, the reality of making a huge move which includes being away from Dylan most of the week, and having recently found a scorpion in the garage, I have been feeling pretty balanced.

But then came the swine flu. Fuck. A 23 month old died. The president is telling schools to close if they suspect cases. And all I can say is thank god for Zoloft because without it I might be huddled in a corner holding Nola praying the rosary.

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Existential Waitress said...

All I can say is, yup. Recently, I've been avoiding CNN (to which I had become very addicted) due to the state it was putting me in mentally. I'd been worrying night and day about where we'll all be in the next few years. I'm trying like hell to be OK with this swine flu business - I was a basket case when I was preggo with Bear and working at the Venetian when SARS was the big thing. Now I have to worry about Bear going to public school while the swine flu is rampant. I'm just so sick of worrying all the time!!! I bought some immune booster vitamins and hand sanitizer for the kids today. I guess I'll do what I can and try to let go and make peace with that which I cannot control - tricky business for a worrier like myself.