Saturday, September 1, 2007

No Lights, Big City

Yesterday afternoon was really hot. I decided the only thing to do was to drink beer. Lots of beer. So Big D and I headed over to the The York to do just that. As we were heading into the bar at 5:00 on the dot, I could feel the heat rising up from the concrete and told D that it felt like the opening of Do the Right Thing, where you just know something no good is about to happen cause it is just so damn hot. So we drank several beers and headed home. At about 8:30 PM after just arriving home, the lights went out. Not a clean lights out, mind you but a sound like the world was a giant vacuum and had sucked in something it couldn't digest. And then mini-explosions filled the air and neighbors yelling "turn everything off, it arking its arking!" Then darkness and heat. The heat was so bad that we slept outside. That is when I knew for certain it is time to leave Los Angeles. The electricity came back on at about 2:00 PM today but it is still too hot.

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