Thursday, September 6, 2007

MS Challenge Walk

The walk is here. I'll be walking 50 miles this weekend! I am close to my fundraising goal of $3,500---YAY! I am not sure I am prepared for the walk itself but I am really happy to just have one thing to do this weekend. I have been so busy and scattered it feels good to have one task to focus on. My mom is walking with me. She has been training for the walk for several months so she will probably kick my ass. But competition is not he point of the walk---it's to raise money and awareness for MS. In talking about the walk with friends, I have been surprised to find out that it seems everyone I know has someone close to them affected by this disease. I am going to keep the stories that I have learned with me as a walk and in that sense hopefully make some sort of difference. You can check out my fundraising website at