Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pave This

My street needs to be resurfaced. Many streets in my neighborhood have recently been repaved. I've written two e-mail requests asking for a response as to when our street will be repaved. I know, it's Los Angeles---but hey as my friend Bee always says, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. So, I was searching the city's page for a number to contact a human being and stumbled upon this.

Bureau of Street Services
The Resurfacing and Reconstruction Division
Vision Statement
The Resurfacing and Reconstruction Division provides the highest uality of resurfacing by striving for continuous improvement and a search foe excellence.

Now I know I often have typos, even misspellings but hey I never claim that I strive foe excellence.


Jason said...

What they meant to write was, "...the highest ual-ity of resurfacing..." -UAL to make an adjective and -ITY to make a noun. They are nouning the use adjectives in your asphalt.

And, the second one is, of course, also wrong. It should be "fo' exlance."

folkrockgirl said...

Haha...this is funny.