Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Degradation of Conversation

A few statements that have come out of my mouth today.

Get out of her butt. --Said to the chihuahua Mateo who had his nose all up in Josie's (the mutt) business.

No, we don't eat dog food. --Said to Nola who has developed a fascination with the dog bowls. Hence, the next statement--

No, don't put your hand in there. It's yucky. --Said to Nola when she stuck her hand in the dog's water bowl.

Shoes don't go in the toilet. They go on your feet. --Said to Nola when she threw her shoe (fortunately an old shoe that no longer fits) into the toilet BEFORE I flushed it.

So, that is a snippet of my glamorous life.


Existential Waitress said...

Yeah, I've been shocked on many, many occasions by not only the strange things that come out of my mouth, but the sorts of topics that we discuss on a regular basis - poop in particular being a subject that was talked about to the point that Carl and I eventually banned it(for the sake of our own sanity)from being discussed during our "adult time" together. said...

I knew I was really a "mom" when I had to tell my son to get the hot dog off his head.

So glad I have that College degree, it's helping me greatly in life.

I feel your pain.

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

I have said all of these things. Some of them today. Dogs, Kids and toilets just don't always mix. Ban poop? NO! Then he would have no idea the crap (heehee) I go through!

Amie said...

LOL all. This is why I love blogging.