Saturday, July 4, 2009

In Awe

A few weeks ago I developed the photos from one of the two cameras we have. Over 400 photos of Nola. My beautiful baby girl. The photos of her just born. The one my mom snapped of her that she wasn't supposed to. I am so glad she did. Just born. Brand new. And yet she was already there. Why should I be surprised by her activity level? By the fact that she never stops moving? She would shift inside my belly all day long. My belly noticeably taking on strange shapes and curves throughout the day. She was having fun. She was swimming and playing and moving at will. Her inability to move after birth surprised and frustrated her. Nursing was her only comfort in this world. She still LOVES to nurse. And she is now WALKING. My not even ten month old baby is walking. I am so happy for her. She has wanted to walk since she was born and now her muscles are finally capable of carrying her through this world. I am so happy and so sad. And so proud. And most of all, humbled by the experience of motherhood. By the experience of being Nola's mother.


Existential Waitress said...

Motherhood is the awesomest thing in the world.

Mommy Words said...

Motherhood rocks. And you are a superstar for getting all those developed. I have thousands of pics of my two little ones all online and only a handful to whip out and show off or hang on my wall. It's on my to do list. I love Nola's name!

Amie said...

Thanks Mommy Words. Yeah I just really wanted the pics tangible. I have another camera full of pics but have to wait because developing that many pics ain't cheap!