Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where The Sun Don't Shine

Back in November, I went to the doctor because I was still having issues down under from giving birth. During the examination she noticed a couple of freckles on my inner butt cheek and referred me to a dermatologist. Well, between Nola's tummy issues and the move, it took me until this week to get to the doctor. After seeing it, she scheduled me for a biopsy. Am I a little worried about this suspicious freckle? Me? Worry? Um, yeah. In fact, FREAKED OUT is more like it. But I have to wait two weeks to get the biopsy and another week for the results so I am trying not to fixate on it.

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Existential Waitress said...

That IS an odd place - but they can show up anywhere I guess. I've had several moles removed and biopsied over the years, and nothing ever came of any of them. Last year, I had a mysterious "bump" of unknown origin on my outer thigh that was removed and biopsied, but it too was fine. Like you, I was freaked out every time, so I understand. I'm sure this will all turn out fine. :)