Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Actually Watch These Shows

Top Chef
Project Runway
Jon and Kate Plus Eight
Tori and Dean
Flipping Out
Ashley Page
Must Love Kids
Mystery Diagnosis
Diagnosis X
Forensic Files
Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Sheer Genius
Denise Richards
What Not to Wear
Locked Up Abroad


Dylan said...

These are the main shows of Big D:

Big Brother (3 X a week)
Big Brother After Dark
NFL Total Access
Seconds From Disaster
Inside the NFL
The O'Reilly Factor

In addition to Top Chef, Forensic Files, Intervention & Locked Up Abroad.

Existential Waitress said...

Love Project Runway. Also watch Tori and Dean, Intervention, Denise Richards, Forensic Files (love true-life crime shows). Just started watching Weeds.
And alas, I am ashamed to admit that I watch Big Brother (and even worse, Big Brother After Dark).

Jason B. said...

I'd be interested to see how your list changes in, say, December...

Sesame Street (up to 5 X a week - what the hell's going on with the new season?)
Amazing Mrs. Pritchard
Golf, Saturday, 2hrs
Golf, Sunday, 4 hrs
Friends reruns (2 or 3 times a week)
Misc. flipping around, 7 hrs.

Jason B. said...

Oh, I forgot...

Dancing with the Stars
30 Rock