Friday, November 16, 2007

Winning Beats Losing

This week started out so incredibly crappy. The crappiness was encapsulated within the losing of my cell phone out of state at a conf. I attended for work. I thought it was gone and it was a phone I couldn't afford to replace. The place I lost it at told me they didn't have it on Sat. but today left a message that they did have it. I called them and they are going to send it to me.

In less trivial news, we won our appeal against the shitty building in our neighborhood getting the co-location of a cell phone tower on top of the building. Basically three average run of the mill Angelinos (ok I'm the average one in the group but you know what I mean) fought a slumlord, the city, and T-Mobile and WON! No lawyer, just homegrown grassroots community activism. I spoke at the hearing and the commission voted unanimously to uphold our appeal! This is a huge victory for my neighborhood and for the rights of stakeholders in Eagle Rock.

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